Hell Week takes on a whole new meaning in this fish out of water tail…er, tale.

Poseidon sends his daughters in search of Navy SEALs worthy of the Trident insignia. But if Calista knew what her father had in store, she’d throw back her catch of the day because Lt. Reed is the catch of a lifetime. And a mermaid’s kiss can be lethal to a drowning man.

Equipped for her terrestrial mission with the overconfidence of a demigoddess and the body of a mortal, Calista only knows that the first mermaid to return with a champion will earn a trident of her own and full Sea Goddess status, giving her the power of the elements sea, air and land at her command. She doesn’t know her uncles Zeus and Hades are also gathering their armies.

With a water sprite named Penelope as her guide, a handful of pirate gold and enough magic sea salt to keep her bipedal, Calista soon finds herself a mermaid out of water.

Lt. Rick “Rip” Reed is recovering from a bad case of Surfers Ear. Lucky for him the resulting Amusia–lack of music–known as tone deafness, leaves him immune to sirens and their seductive songs. But the off-key singing of the new civilian marine mammal trainer, swimming in her mermaid get-up with his anti-swimmer dolphins, rouses more than just his curiosity.

When his boat crew and dolphins are assigned to protect the POTUS during a deep sea fishing trip, Rick has no idea of the otherworldly threat that awaits them. Can he suspend disbelief long enough to trust a mermaid as they embark on an odyssey where gods and monsters battle for control of the mortal world? Without getting distracted by the beautiful creature helping him?

Don't miss this exciting new series as Navy SEALs team up with mermaids to take on singing assassins, armies of immortals and undead, hell-bent on taking over the world––preorder your copy of Fluke today!

Fluke: A Mermaid's Tale is available for preorder

I'm excited share the cover of my first new release in two years.  Fluke: A Mermaid's Tale is a departure from my usual contemporary romance, but believe it or not, this story is set in the same Navy SEAL world as my SEAL It With A Kiss Series. We'll even check in with the instructors of BUD/S from time to time.

Fluke introduces Lieutenant Rick "Rip" Reed––the Officer in Charge of Mark Thirteen [MK13 MMS]––and his Navy SEAL boat crew within the Navy's Marine Mammal System. Rick will have to suspend his disbelief as he teams up with civilian dolphin trainer––and mermaid––Calista Lockhart to save the world.

I hope you'll join me on this romantic adventure where Navy SEALs and Mermaids battle mythological gods and monsters to find their Happily Ever Afters.