COVER REVEAL: The Frogman, Prince by Rogenna Brewer [Catch and Release Episode V]

 Chumly and Frogman have the map. This doesn't look good for our author. Where is the fish...

Oh, come on...I told you this was a "catch and release" operation. You didn't really think we'd hurt our heroine, did you? We even gave back the map...

After we got what we wanted––the manuscript and a bonus we weren't expecting––the cover––or should I say covers.

Which I will reveal here shortly.

Let me make it perfectly clear we love, love, love the cover author and cover designer Kim Van Meter did for us in 2012. And the fact she allowed our author to update it on her own. Then in the great computer crash of June 2014––as our author calls it––ALL our author's files were lost. Yeah, yeah, no lectures on back up.

Cover by Kim Van Meter
2012 ~ never published
Cover updated by Rogenna
2013 ~ never published
She considered recreating the cover from scratch.  There's this thing called author branding and she'd lost all the sequel covers as well. A lot of covers to remake, and by that time she'd been designing covers for over a year and had found an image she recognized as her beloved Toad...  

In 2014 she made a new cover––and learned to back up––we hope :/

And let's face it, things can seem old before they've had a chance to be new.  Especially when you've been staring at the same chest for two years :/

We've leaked the new cover before––in a web banner that was up and down again a week later, the authors sandy beach business card and promo postcards, which no one has seen except when it was used as a profile pic for about a minute on her facebook page. 

But if you look closely at all of those covers you'll notice that my image is reversed in the final edition...  

There it is hinted at in the shadow.  The scar on my left cheek.  

Uncanny likeness wouldn't you say?

Now that we have the cover and the manuscript what's next?


The Frogman, Prince
by Rogenna Brewer

A princess, a toad and a curse…

Kissing a toad wasn’t on her agenda. 
Ship’s Captain Lily Chapel is running out of time. Desperate to save her family’s ocean salvage business, Lily risks everything to carry on her late father’s search for the legendary—some say mythical—treasure of the infamous pirate ship, The Golden Curse. The last thing she needs is a scarred frogman commandeering her vessel for his mission. 

Rescuing a princess wasn’t part of his plan. 
Get in, get out and no one gets hurt—a simple credo that's served Lieutenant Tad “The Toad” Prince well…until he meets Lily Chapel. Right from the start this mission was personal. In exchange for information regarding stolen warheads, Prince has promised to absolve his old mentor’s daughter—provided she’s innocent. And if she’s not? 

Can the daughter of a notorious smuggler—a smuggler in her own right—and a hardened Navy SEAL trust each other long enough to uncover a four hundred year old shipwreck and recover missing cold war missiles in the process?